After activating the key, the product remains inside your Microsoft account!

After activating the key, the product will be available from any region.

To successfully activate the key, your IP address must match the region with which the key comes.

After purchasing the key, you will receive complete instructions for successful activation, and, if necessary, assistance with activation.

1.Preliminary familiarization with the method of activating the key via phone or computer:
2.Go to the link https://account.microsoft.com/profile and install the region that is specified with the key.
3.Your IP address must match the country of the key.
4.Go to the link https://redeem.microsoft.com and activate the key
(If you encounter an activation error, please read the instructions for use carefully)
5.Ready to download, enjoy your purchase.
(If, after successfully activating the key, the desired product does not appear in your library, then you need to go into the settings of your console and change the region to the one specified with the key. Then go to the Microsoft Store, find this product and instead “buy” button - you will have “install”)