Webmoney certification

We passed certification in the Webmoney payment system by providing notarized documents. This ensures your shopping safety.

Yandex identification

We passed Yandex.Money identification by providing notarized documents.

QIWI name wallet

A special account in the QIWI system, which is linked to a store verified by the QIWI security service.

Official keys

All keys are purchased from authorized dealers. Naturally, such keys are given a lifetime guarantee, they remain on your account forever.

Purchase reviews

A lot of reviews have been left for purchases. They are registered through the Oplata.info service, which we cannot influence, therefore, all reviews are only from real buyers.

Technical support

We have qualified technical support that will promptly respond to your request. There are several employees on staff who will try to help you during working hours (online from 9.00 - 24.00 daily Moscow time, seven days a week).

Ad budget

Our service attracts new customers through advertising on large portals that will not be placed by "left sites". We will not risk paid advertising platforms for the sake of a penny profit on a buyer's deception.

Pay by credit card

Payment by bank card is made by redirecting to the GateLine electronic payment system website. To transfer confidential information directly from the client to the server of the GateLine system, the SSL 3.0 protocol is used, which ensures maximum protection of the transmitted information. The processing of the received confidential data of the client is carried out in the processing center of the GateLine company.