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Deep Rock Galactic - Deluxe Edition on Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S / Windows

All keys are licensed, purchased with personal funds and have a lifetime warranty.

Activation Region: Argentina

The key is activated through location changing services. They are needed only for the initial activation of the key, there are no further regional restrictions. All detailed information on activating the key using services is located on the website in the Activation section.

Playable on: Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S / Windows

Capabilities: Online co-op (2-4), Online multiplayer (2-4), Xbox cross-platform multiplayer, HDR10, Single player, Xbox cross-platform co-op, Xbox achievements, Xbox presence, Xbox clubs, Xbox cloud saves, Xbox Live

Genre: Shooter

Language pack: English (United States)
Release date: 5/13/2020
Developed by: Ghost Ship Games
Published by: Coffee Stain Publishing
Age Rating: TEEN

For ages 13 and up

Violence, Blood, Language

Users Interact

+Offers in-app purchases.

Online multiplayer on console requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass Core (sold separately).




Get the DELUXE EDITION to unlock the base game as well as both Launch Day DLCs: The awesome MEGACORP and DARK FUTURE PACKS!


A hard-edged and tactical set of kit especially for our most discerning employees: 4 unique suits of Armor, two matching Helmets to go with the armors, and a matching Paintjob for your personal drone Bosco.
Important note: The contents of this Pack are cosmetic only!


Straight off the industrial carbon presses of the research floor! Includes a set of FULL MESH RESKINS of all the game's weapons. Pair them up with Class-specific Armor Paintjobs to match your new weapons, as well as a matching Paintjob for your trusty Pickaxe.
Important note: The contents of this Pack are cosmetic only!

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